Articles about learning, using and teaching the English language, Our online discussion forums are the perfect place to quickly get help day. } teaching and reference resources. Smith (2016) insists that reporting } I admitted / denied / suggested / recommended eating all the cake.. gapAnswers2[i].style.color="red"; Here is some more practice - again, use a maximum of three words. } gapAnswers[i].value = gapTrueAnswer[i]; ";} Common reporting verbs that follow this pattern are : agree ask claim demand offer promise propose refuse threaten Some verbs can be followed by an object and infinitive : reporting verb + direct object + infinitive with to Examples: He reminded me to call Kath. Al-Qaida: We have captured two US marines. gapAnswers2[i].value = gapAnswers2[i].value.concat(" " + String.fromCharCode(10007)); Reporting Verbs and Verb Patterns. ";} Some reporting verbs belong to one pattern, some to the other, and some to both. for (i=0; i*/ var gapAnswers2 = [document.frmTwo.q7, document.frmTwo.q8, document.frmTwo.q9, document.frmTwo.q10, document.frmTwo.q11, document.frmTwo.q12, document.frmTwo.q13, document.frmTwo.q14, document.frmTwo.q15]; Verbs followed by "if" or "whether" ask know else { } He asked me again and again if I would go out with him. Also provides access to questions Want to know how cookies are used on this site? Reporting verbs are often followed by a that clause. It is a little more formal. gapAnswers2[i].value = gapTrueAnswer2[i]; He told me he was a friend of yours. Tiny TEFL Teacher uses cookies for analytics and to help run the adverts on this website. is partnering with Gymglish to give you a free one-month trial of this English Exercises > reported speech exercises. View the privacy policy. } - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Throw in using the reporting verbs in the past and you’ve got a messy grammar point on your hands. tips, exam tips and help with study skills. She proposed that we take a ten-minute break. var mcCorrect = new Array; Complete the sentences using the appropriate verb pattern so each pair has the same meaning. else { } totalScore=0; Also includes Reported speech - reporting verbs. else { Use the verb pattern heading cards to help check your columns, then check with an … Different reporting verbs use different grammatical patterns. In contrast, the reporting verb 'promise' is simply followed by the infinitive. Register for free and gain access to additional for (j=0; j> Grammar Exercises >> Advanced >> Reporting Verbs Exercise Reported Speech Worksheet. } Read out a card and see if your partner can complete it, Read out just the verb on the card (without “someone”, “of”, etc) and see if your partnercan complete it, Choose one category and help your partner make as many examples as they can, Choose one of the four categories in the table below and help your partner make examples. (verb + that clause) She asked if they could stop for a rest. Academic reporting verb + that. I asked him if he wanted to come to my party. Finally, there are a lot of reporting verbs which use a preposition + verb-ing.Again, you have to remember these patterns. } Verbs: Point out, find, observe, state, agree, believe, assert, claim, contend, explain, guess, assert, imply, reason, prove, note, report, reveal. } (decide, using infinitive) [ . ] var answerStr = newStr.replace(/ ✓| ✗/g,""); It is important, when using reporting verbs, to check the grammar usage to make sure that your writing is accurate. /*javascript for giving gap fill answers*/ A discussion and teaching suggestions for reporting verb patterns. These verbs have the pattern: Noun + Verb + Noun + (that) + Clause. (verb + if clause) Peter told her not to worry. message=""; gapAnswers[i].value = gapAnswers[i].value.concat(" " + String.fromCharCode(10003)); Two exercises about the Eiffel Tower (Passive and Reporting verbs). You’re going to need a lot of space on the board for this part. Use the verb pattern heading cards to help check your columns, then check with an un-cut-up copy of the worksheet or as a class. Some reporting verbs simply report the speaker's word (say, tell, state, answer, reply). } The latest e-books providing you with interactive classroom activities. Show. She told me that she wouldn't give me any money. and quizzes, PDF lesson plans, teacher articles and a directory of Verb patterns with reporting verbs storytelling 2Use the verb patterns cards as you take turns continuing a story, making sure that you usea correct verb with each. } (advise against) [ . ] He boasted that he always got the best grades in the class. Reporting verbs Reporting verbs are used to report what somebody said, like promise, say, ask, admit, etc. I would be grateful if you could suggest a good way of teaching all those other reporting verbs apart from say and tell which have a variety of structures (verb + object + that, verb + ing, etc.) Includes helpful articles, a glossary, quizzes, and a large language reference. Knowing which patterns are associated with different reporting verbs is one of the biggest single grammar challenges facing learners. Reporting verbs used with the to-infinitive; agree claim decide demand hope: offer prefer promise refuse threaten: Jim: All right, I'll do it. He agreed that he would do the washing up. /* mcCorrect is the array of questions, mcFeedback is the array of feedback buttons */ if (gapAnswers[i].value.substring(gapAnswers[i].value.length-1, gapAnswers[i].value.length) == " ") { In this example, reported speech changes the original verb to 'would' as well as changing the possessive pronoun 'your' to 'my'. Reporting verbs. if (totalScore