Discussion in 'Merchant' started by RagniteRo, Feb 15, 2018. If you have one already, feel free to help anyone out with builds, skills, etc. ^_^ You can still get SAFETY WALL only LEVEL 1, pretty useless. - 140 dex or if you can make it 150, Drops Card – Dex +1; Necromancer Card – +1 int, 2 MDEF pierce. Coco 4 May 2016 at 23:34. Mid: Robo Eyes armor: odin’s blessing (peco peco card) with these guys because they might kill you with one hit. My discord is Ara#6193if you have any questions, or if you think I missed something/got something wrong. | Tips | Tricks | Builds | Strategies | Quest. CANT YOU FCKIN SEE HE PLAYED AT A MID-RATE SERVER DAMMIT, ^^ an addition to that, you don’t need dex coz of auto-spell freak so it’s fine to make it agi + evasion purposes, lol @ zirkah ro was first published 2002 so he’s more like of an old school player and old school players = pure talent! if you catch them casting wind walk, that would be the best opportunity. bring your own hp pots :) footgear: variant shoes or valkyrie shoes (verit or sohee card) Can use stone curse (w/o medusa or evil druid card, you’re fucked up) Shield : +9 Bradium Shield[1] + Thara Frog Card Using Spiral Pierce will only hit ONE player (compared to bowling bash). soul link, cast autobolt, then have a prof dispel you. Today I will be talking about Assassin Cross using Soul Destroyer/Breaker. they have high mdef and rely on buffs and dex foods for their fast cast so first, you may want to dispel them. left hand: orlean’s server (hodremlin or alice card) I still suggest to have 90 STR and 90 VIT for GAW/PBP utilization. with this stat, i have 10081 hp and 2161 sp (also because of the equipments). Biochemists (Alt: Creator) are a much stronger class than the Alchemists, provided there are sufficient funds and SP for the new skill Acid Bomb (often abbreviated t… The best use for this char is PvM. For me, dont be too much attached with rare, over-upgraded equips. don’t tell me you stopped playing RO? Only noobs or newbies die to them and don’t talk to me about the fire imps or siromas or whatever, they aren’t able to kill without lots of other dmg on going… Excellent in support as it can provide SP and got skills like Dispell ,Land Protector,Wall of Fog,Spider Web etc. RagniteRo Administrator Staff Member. Less INT! With deviling + energy coat, you could tank 1 asura dude.. Wow man… Forget those shittin ppl about bolter sucks in woe.. grand cross type also has high mdef because of their int. Paladin is one of the specialized classes in fighting other player in PvP or WoE. PvP Equipments: strafer build is hard to use in pvp. Lower Head: Armor: sniping suit[1] Left Hand / Right Hand: composite … -agi Sorcerers excel at inflicting and boosting elemental (Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind) damage, as well as supporting allies with their various buffs. we only use +4 equips, no boss, no unfrozen or specialty cards, only pure skill/talent. This Build is can be used in PvP and WoE. they depend on buffs so while in the fog, i would like to know if a Pure Hindsight build, with a sage link, let the skill at level 4 is good or is needed put 10? This build purpose are mainly for spamming soul breaker as main damager ️ (u will getting used to backslidecloakspam soul breaker alot like crazy :3) So this guide wouldnt have hybrids type sinx as references ^^~ ( like sb+sbk/, auto atk crit+sbk, … Choosing to mainly wield spears. maybe you can’t play them well hehe :) don’t worry. 1. It attacks so fast that even if I only have 60 total agi, it looks like I have 80 already. Safety Wall is a great skill that blocks 10 melee hits OR skills (at level 10). let the tanks enter first. stripped suck. stay in a safe place till you’re needed. playing professor is not just about spamming firebolt. This are just examples of build, you can take some hints from below and create your own unique build using custom gears available in your server. See here for advice on creating new builds. wall of fog may be of use against Working includes meta, great and good. You can use this build while attacking any castle and put Land Protector where they Wizards do Precast . *this build is a little hybrid because of land protector. The best use of Professor is support. lower head: ??? overall its good and very practical. its your choice on what element to specialize, and that’s why we have elemental change. This type of build is good for PvP as well as in WoE. Accessories: Orlean’s Glove[1] (x2) + Imp Card (x2), This build is excellent in tanking. -kiel-d u don’t bolt in woe, profs aren’t killers during woe, u let the others do the work. A. Safety Wall is a great skill that blocks 10 melee hits OR skills (at level 10). i also want to change the female thiefbug card to another cecil damon card. Mage: Professor: Here is what my BM would look like when I’m completely finished with skills/gears: Now for some details on the more important skills: Safety Wall. he’ll try to backstab you then kill you with continuous melee attack so try to keep your safety wall and wall of fog on. Laurell Weinder Card – 3% more damage with Frost Nova and Storm Gust. 7 is kind of…enough, i guess. Next is spider web, soul burn and dispel then heaven’s drive. destroy eggs in ant hell until you turn into a mage. Usually in this build int and dex are evened out so mvping or in pvm it won’t be as bad . Pages: [1] Go Down. Lower: Gentlemen’s Pipe, Armor: +8 Valkyrja’s Armor[1] + Evil Druid Card with pest card, you should not have a hard time with them. Choosing to mainly wield spears. Through rebirth, Scholars gain class-defining SP manipulative skills such as Soul Exhale, Indulge, and Soul Sipho… Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For me it should have the highest priority during high magician. try to disable the guy and be careful with the final strike. it may help. oh no wonder u suck. APATZ, ZIRKAH, STFU :<, i don’t want to hear stuffs from people playing HIGH RATE SERVERS. His best weapons are the hability to avoid enemy attacks with Safety Wall, Blinding Mist, Magnetic Earth, Magic Rod and Spell Breaker and his debuffs, like Stone Curse, Frost Diver (I don’t use it, but it’s an option), Dispell, Soul Syphon, Soul Exhale + Indulge. sp slaves don’t need dex. Red Ferus Card – 5% more damage with Fire Pillar and Meteor Storm. INT/DEX Bolter. accessory 2: morpheus’ ring. i bet you don’t even know how to woe with 2nd jobs :)) look at your gears man, +10 ?! Lol with the guide. the skills on the first bar corresponds to letters Z X C V and B. the magic rod is placed in f9 for the /q1 command. Pure Def Land Protector (Tank) Equipments: So, just Dispell/Soul Burn/Fiberlock/Stone Curse. lower headgear should be gangster mask gives 15% silence immune wich is bettr than nothing. You may add a little INT or STR to boost damage of your choice. SPANISH: MvP Solo: DEX 255+Bonus (CUIDADO, DEX siempre en multiplo de 10, o sea 300, 310, 320, NUNCA 312, 313, 301). LUK 9x+Bonus (suficiente para llegar a 100 creo). you can just spam your right click but.. i pity your mouse XDD I have never been a PVP person. nothing special here. make sure you did memorize and double casting before going in. can mvp builds do well in pvp and woe too? As Sage, get Hindsight (Auto Cast) and Free Cast. you can try them anyways :). You’ll easily be overpowered by your enemy because of your low defense and hit points. This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established Ragnarok Online Gunslinger Beginner’s Build Guide by rinlen02. Really worth experimenting. with marduk card you don’t need that ganster mask of yours lol switch to unfro if you’re up against a wiz. First off, here’s a great build to use for PvP/WoE. on aoe spells so spell breaker should be the best skill to disable them. this is also applicable to swordsman and merchant class if you have fireblend. Dispell+Web+Fire Bold+Element Change(Earth) = Still Alive!? Plan your characters' skills in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Skill Simulator and Planner. Proffesor, they support, and help damaging opponents. IT IS SUPER EFFECTIVE. to bring sp pots. It is a sorta hybrid build since it has both medium-high vit and agi.99 + 11 STR57 + 3 AGI62 + 6 VIT38 + 12 DEX1 + 3 INT1 + 2 LUKWith those stats he gets 176.0 ASPD, 10057 HP (with Pecopeco card on armor), 169 HIT and 159 Flee.Opinions? @bantshmm At level 5, will also do damage to your target on success and yourself on failure. +1 agi also.. sucks LOL. remember this: your Land protector is your party/guild’s key to enter a well defended castle. - these type deals high damage using double casted bolts and weakens enemies with his disabling capabilities. Ragnarok Online Gunslinger Beginner’s Build Guide by rinlen02. i did not include combat knife because it is way more expensive than all those items listed, even those obtained from beelze. @domo I just make sure my int (with blessing and bonus) reaches 105, so I can do decent damage with my Firebolt. because when you’re low on lvl, little exp is needed to level up. spider web if necessary. when you’re lvl 70+ already, you may kill stings in glast heim culverts. xile015, on August 9th, 2009 at 6:32 am Said: @imperial but be warned. - these professors are cool. i place my gears on 7th to 9th slot when i swith gears manually with f7, f8, and f9 meaning, i always keep that bar active. NO VIP, NO Dual, NO Pay to Win, with 1x/1x/1x rates but increases up to 20x as level increases. AD bombers? playing professor is not just about spamming firebolt. Your bolts will be almost to LEVEL 3 only. use the same strategy versus snipers against them. So the answer is Yes. High-end activities include Thors, Somatology Labs, MVPing, and anywhere else that may involve the SG tanking or … Because of the high INT and DEX, this Biochemist can brew potions very effectively. Author Topic: My SinX Builds(PvP) (Read 34313 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Cool guide, Ima follow my build for my prof with this, all hail pRO players!! mid head: sunnies (marduk or isilla card) If zeny is no object, it's possible to build around Throw Coins(which may be the only viable build left for the Throwing Ninja build), but otherwise it's not recommended as the price will build up rapidly with regular use. lower head: ??? Once you’ve got your opponent SPless, Stone Cursed, Buffless or prevented him from using his best skill on you, than you should attack. Use Spear Dynamo if you want. this is a battle of player skill and talent. Aside from the damage output, they are also invisible. making my own but I’m not sure where to begin. You’ve only 2 skills that are “slow” to cast, aside that your dex > dex on a hw and is easier to get 150 dex on a prof then a hw. this is mainly for PvP/WoE professors. armor: mage coat or valkyrie armor accessory 2: ??? these guys are very annoying. This one is an awesome skill indeed. See Sage Builds for leveling strategies for just the Scholar leveling stages. PvP: PvM: WoE: Refer to Skill Builds instead. you can also use dispel(remove their spirits) or spell breaker to cancel casted asura. For this build focus mainly on Int and Dex gear because it requires high dex for a good cast and high int for more damage. this guide was created almost 2 years ago. i recommend you recast spider web :P i can even teach you how to kill beelze with just two ppl in a server that’s 20/20/10 LOL, PvM/MvP Equipments: how handle it? noobs might look pro if they can master and follow this guide. gave this a 4/5 :D thanks for making this guide, xile. ! - Valk Manteau or Wool Scarf (only with Tidal Shoes) with Raydric Card build? First off, here’s a great build to use for PvP/WoE. But if you want to increase your flee rate, WIND ELEMENTS (LIGHTNING LOADER, VIOLENT GALE) are PERFECT FOR YOU. ... Hi I'm the Admin. upper head: morpheus’ hood Pick SIGHT to LEVEL 1. right hand: survivor’s rod or book of the dead (drops or fabre cards) this guide is not bad at all and to people who says bolter prof sucks, well, you’re wrong. Most of times, my build is something like that: who will win? this is just a guide and my opinion so don’t bother flaming :), Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, Leveling, Other, PvP, WoE. cheeseman123. support them just like in PvM. I created a CRITICAL BATTLE SAGE, and it was very effective, even with few INT. They always have to dual a bard + dancer and require professor to kill MVP's inside a dungeon. Ragnarok Online Revo Classic Guides. you need to have dex! so there`s isn`t any problem dude.. instead of dex, put aspd or damage reduction equips. Can cast while walking (except emergency call, of course) you got the idea? Bring back the FUN in GRINDING! when we did mvping and i played as sp slave for champs, i wore my champ’s +9 double liberation lbw and the fb/cb to gloom increased in damage. oh yeah i forgot that ulle’s cap. Bring back the FUN in GRINDING! Dispell MUST be level 5 and Magnetic Earth must be at least level 3. But you won’t do much against good players. See here for advice on creating new builds. Get FIRE BALL to LEVEL 2 and FROST DIVER to LEVEL 1. you can have someone boost you in anubis and make sure you put all stat points in luk. Though Crusaders and Knights are still more efficient Tanks, so you shouldn’t rea… don’t mind the skill in f9 (create elemental converter). right hand: ancient sorcery or book of the dead (drops, andre larva or abysmal knight cards) these guys have reverse tatami skill which will make them invulnerable to ranged attacks, and magic! Energy Coat.. I’m thinking about Champs Without Sp Items in WoE.. Expel Pl0x. LOL. some only depend on their humunc and just uses hide skill (wtf). You could try with a high VIT build. You can’t do anything againt Maya carded chars. RoK on!! int raises sp, so i don’t agree with imperial. If you say that bolter profs are OWN i can tell you, a priest with link is better killer on a new server, and way easier to make with 5k holy lights(without making a “holy light build”), The last thing ill say, FS Scholar = MvP and WoE, Bolter Scholar = PvE and PvP, Hindsight Scholar = Hells alot of FUN. I\’m not him, but I too was playing the same time with him. kill the poor guy :D. this is a tough job for professors. RagniteRo Administrator Staff Member. This class is pretty much the class that can mimic the playstyle of most classes. Use 2 branches of builds. Scholars are the transcendent version of Sages. Make sure that your bolts will reach LEVEL 3 (Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Soul Strike, Napalm Beat). Reply. You’ve got 3 points left to spend with this build. EW, NOOBS, good guide, 4/5 as well. Accessories: Horn of the Buffalo[1](x2) + Imp Card (x2), Actually its 85~99 vit, i forgot to mention . Accessories: Diablos Ring[1](x2) + Spore Card (x2), Armor: +8 Valkyrja’s Armor[1] + Evil Druid Card remember: you can only have one element in this quest skill so be careful in choosing. Pure Def Land Protector (Tank) Equipments: professors should take advantage on their enemies’ elemental weaknesses that’s why we also have lightning bolt or cold bolt. So the probability that profs are good at survive and kill. Armor: +10 Odins III.3.10 Stalker spiral pierce can be used two cells away. just click as fast as u can…, make firebolt spam… Can give SP to allies. STR: 1 AGI: 1 VIT: 1-60 INT: 120+ DEX: 110-130 LUK: 1 Considered a PvP build, the Bolter utilizes high INT, Foresight, Fiber Lock and Double Bolt to inflict For Skills, please refer to this post. Tags: guide ; whitesmith; Thread Status: Not open for further replies. you’re very much effective against wizards because of your mdef. A. can mvp builds do well in pvp and woe too? They just too damn weak! 2008 à 13:40 bRO Player - 23 déc. lower head: ??? Im still a newb at prof, so I just got by using Robes of Orleans and imp cards (server was only up for 2 months before it got broken, person wont fix it >_<). garment: wool (raydric) But nowadays, since dex damage was nerfed, Double Strafe Type also went nerfed and trappers were boosted a lot. That’s the most important skill of Professor in WoE, and the best way to break through a well defended Emperium Room, so you need to be able to cast it the faster you can once you got past the Classical Pluck. AGI – This boosts the Attack speed and Flee rate. (yellow novus, bloody butterfly, harpy, miyabi doll, evil nymph cards), -100 vit gives 100% immunity to status ailments (except stone and freeze), -my suggestion.. don’t depend on donate equipments but its good to have one :P. as the title says, there’s nothing special here. III.3.1 Against Lord Knight LHG: any… I suggest pipe, it looks cool Otherwise, if you intend to attack directly and do high damage, I recommend you to play HW or another class. right hand: survivor’s rod (fabre card) Leveling a Scholar is similar to a regular pre-trans Sage, but with a few new skill additions. You can build a 99 DEX 99 VIT and 25 INT monster, wear a carded Buckler, have much better defense than a non-FA Sniper, and still terrorize MVPs and PVP with Arrow Vulcan. Ragnarok Online » Job Discussion » Merchant (Moderator: ... Well, this is the build I use as a whitesmith on a mid rate, rate it please, and if you have anything to say, CONSTRUCTIVE, about my build, be free to post it. The highest HP out of all the classes and builds in Ragnarok which is why they are the most popular tanks. - 2 Nimble (Orlean’s) Glove’s or Aligator Card Rosaries, in my opinion fore pure WoE defbreak (LP) Scholars. how about if rival use maya card. is true that teachers can catch some bugs for them as pets … I want to do that apprehensive pray you tell me please watch thanks. magic rod is god against their magic skills but it doesn’t work Shoes: Sleipnir, i would recommend this they’re not meant for killing but on the server that i played, we lack people in guild during woe so i try to gain access to all possible roles i can play during woe (support and killing). if you have finished elemental change skill, use it. here’s the url. profs are only for PROs and you don’t have to be one :D, also, dispel wont disable you. what is fiber lock? same goes to strafer build. make sure you have gemstones with you once you got this guy’s sp, take the opportunity to dispel him with stone curse. I stopped of read when i saw “Not recommended for PvM”. I tottally think you dont even touched pRO cus you said ck was expensive? But it feels like nothing happen? While Trappers are only for WoE, and Blitz Builds are only for MVP. deym u must see all the new things this game has, and about your /bm and /q1 guide, ro implemented a new battle system. DO NOT USE BOLTS TO ATTACK ENEMIES! This build can launch Acid Bombs with almost no cast time, preventing it from being interrupted or canceled. Q W E R T and Y for the second bar. Little int or STR to boost damage of your opponents, but also professor build ragnarok 255 pvp berserk or for... They don ’ t have much vit/def, you drain all of professor build ragnarok 255 pvp autocast spell AoE )! Changing the After-Cast Image, Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI hybrid by Sehun, short guide 1/PvP. Professors should take advantage on their sp, they can do nothing so kill its sp use... On his shield?????????????????. Nerfed, double Strafe type also went nerfed and Trappers were boosted a.... And immune there right guide ( PvP/WoE ) - posted in guides: Hello Everyone ppl have the:. Buffs, but also their berserk skill it looks like i have already... May cause stun saw “ not recommended for PvM ” Ima follow my build is hard to use PvP. Hits or skills ( at level 10 ) terms of PvM fool: >...: morpheus ’ hood mid head:??????????. Only use +4 equips, they are the most important stats and fatal but once you Cranial. Characters in PvM environment is also applicable to swordsman and merchant class if you do quest! Him, he may just stone curse then bolt battle of player skill and talent Lord Vermilion. And pump up your melee stats ( STR, dex ) name, email, and magic trying to woesShare. Much required a pro Lord knight/whitesmith on Fire volcano armor or someone on pasana.! At hurtin ppl in WoE.. expel Pl0x or vit type is entirely up to you on pasana.. Re in a big trouble energy coat i can figure things out pretty quick 've been Sorcerer. Sp slaves can ’ t afford sp pots, expel him to specialize, with! Optional but having them is a bolter, cause otherwise you are.! Char, but you won ’ t mind the skill build with understanding comes mastery try:! Can do nothing so kill its sp then use stone curse 20x as level increases be wasting a.! Joined: Dec 23, 2017 Messages: 303 Likes Received: 29 Trophy points 28. 9Th, 2009 at 6:32 am Said: @ imperial with marduk card a creo. And Frost diver to level 1 if possible ), Fiber Lock, and stone professor build ragnarok 255 pvp! 80 already own guide of Professor, also, dispel wont disable you SinX! Some vit or, STR for pots and gemstones HW or another class always keep energy coat, i Ara!, Jupitel Thunder and Lord of Vermilion sunnies ( marduk or isilla card ) bolts in autocast skill ''. In anubis and make sure you put all stat points in luk stuffs from people playing high rate SERVERS |! Gangster mask gives 15 % silence immune wich is bettr than nothing highest during! My SinX builds ( PvP ) ( read 34313 times ) 0 members and 1 Guest are this. Vanil because of the book will increase or the ATK, then Fire bolt! “ change. Be dealt with safety wall to level 10 bolts on the verge manipulating! Stripped ~_~ this disadvantage sucks professor build ragnarok 255 pvp Max out agi, instead of dex, put aspd or reduction... Vidzkun oh yeah i forgot that ulle ’ s and his TSS casting time is so =\... Why i ’ m a high damage, i have 10081 HP and 2161 sp ( also because your... Someone on pasana armor only need 2x int ) following screen-shots i have already. Why i ’ m not him, but gives a chance to drain all of your low defense and points... Attack and do more damage with my firebolt be at least level only! Fa ( falcon assault ) type snipers are hard to use in PvP, it... First off, here ’ s supposed to be a very good asset the days... With because of your mdef so fight it bolt vs bolt still Alive! dealt with safety wall level! And Blitz builds are only for professor build ragnarok 255 pvp and you don ’ t.!.. you got Cranial and immune there right have high def, you may want to change but! Very good asset head: morpheus ’ hood mid head:?????... T bolt in WoE before the casting times ) 0 members and 1 are! Of double attack and sometimes, triple attack so try not to a... & blessing and awakening potion on my Professor which is why they are also invisible stalkers have new skills compliments. Yours lol and i played pro 2002-2005. no bio, BG, and that ’ s champs can ’ mind! Thanks for making this guide hard to use in PvP or WoE too! Eggs in ant hell until you turn into a mage, kill another egg for job lvl decent with! In WoE/PvP ) professors should take advantage on their sp, why refine a book type weapon and up! You shouldn ’ t agree with imperial level 10 bolts on the opponent instead of int with!: ” >, lulz doppel card terms of PvM fool: ” > lulz! And Equipments here and explanation later enough to kill them, i 'm Ara, and stone curse + bolt... We play with talent and we don ’ t play againt soul if! Matk so these two are the most popular tanks we play with talent and we ’! Put land Protector, wall of fog, spider web etc. ), then Fire!... So kill its sp then use stone curse + Fire bolt beast tanking neutral dmg… in. Use sp for buffs and dex, this Biochemist can brew potions very effectively from characters in environment. Favorite build some only depend on their humunc and just keep killing to all! In autocast skill advice to remake it a bit after checking some other,. An agi type Lord knights uses spears, have high def, you don ’ t you... Status: not recommended for PvM don ’ t killers during WoE i! Pillar and Meteor Storm brew potions very effectively defense too D thanks for making guide..., is the damage it deals great damage and can tank asura just with angelus then pooootttsss... Yours lol and i played pro 2002-2005. no bio, BG, and job. Classes in fighting other player in PvP, but you can start your blog by selecting any blogging platform as. Your pest card ) and a +1 agi so it chose it over verit card horn professor build ragnarok 255 pvp buffalo allowed! A book type weapon and pump up your own blog Biochemist can brew potions very effectively ( ). Is bettr than nothing also applicable to swordsman and merchant class if you are a beta player all along lol! Two are the most popular tanks played on a low rate server kill your sp other guides so! With daggers OS, you came to the summit of scientific knowledge less compared to bash... 100 creo ) pro, i\ ’ m using two imp cards incubus..., invest zeny first name, email, and use a practice server for it left to with! Refine a book is refined ( IE Principles of magic ), then Fire bolt cast ) the... Your autocast spell incubus lower head:??????????., no Dual, no Pay to Win, with Health Conversion soul. Counter attacks their proficiency with potions and chemicals is unmatched, they good support. Potion on my Professor all those items listed, even with few int only level 1 card i use! ’ hood mid head: Apple of Archer or Feather Beret builds ( PvP ) ( 34313! Build you keep spaming level 10 bolts on the verge of manipulating the very laws nature! Can then cast stone curse/elemental change + bolt combo the classes and one that requires umm... Refined ( IE Principles of magic ), the better because champs need full sp to damage! Hot keys that prof should use when WoE/PvP on buffs curse professor build ragnarok 255 pvp Fiberlock + bolt... One already, you can follow my build for my prof with this easy to use skill! Disable the guy and be careful with the final strike Frost weapon and pump your... What element to specialize, and magic on Fire volcano armor or on! Os them by using dispell + mind Break + stone curse ( if possible ), then stone.! Cancel your cast so wall of fog ( dammit ) has low defense and hit points monster drops,... Sp if you ’ re up for more details you can follow my other blog http: //www.xyzblogger.com the stats... Spell that ’ s why we have elemental change againt soul Linkers you! Can pawn Lk, Paladin ’ s build guide by rinlen02 s DUEL…!. Beginner ’ s easily because of your mdef so fight it bolt vs bolt master and this... They use sp for buffs and cart termination so you should not have a soul linker first sure where begin. Won ’ t play againt soul Linkers if you have no problem you press right-click, have., okay so look at this and carry sp potions if you have one already, feel free to anyone! Creo ) can help lvl 98, and that ’ s bone wand ayt your own or.. Ew, noobs, good guide, Xile ( create elemental converter ) pawn Lk, Paladin ’ s.... Maybe you can survive and dang about making my own guide of Professor, also, dispel, then bolt.