(An increasing number of states and businesses are mandating exactly that.). Crafted with cotton, the mask resembles your regular disposable mask, except that it bears a pretty pink pattern and you can actually throw it into the washing machine for future use. Six panelists (four of whom are pictured in this guide) wore and washed the masks as they went about their everyday lives (teaching virtual and in-person classes, riding bikes, shopping for groceries, dropping kids off at school, taking cabs, walking dogs, and so on). The Tie Bar Patterned Masks, Set of 5. Choose from our Basic Face Mask style or upgrade to our Filter Pocket or Moisture Barrier options. The all-cotton fabric is tightly woven yet breathable, and the mask comes with a pocket for a filter (none included) as well as a nose-bridge wire that holds its shape. But if you want to maximize the potential protection to others and possibly yourself, you might as well choose something more substantial. After all, the “best” cloth face mask is the one you will wear and not fuss with. Browse a wide selection of hockey mask tie bar and face coverings available in various fabrics and configurations, made by a community of small business-owners. Video: Sarah Kobos, Pleated masks are designed to accommodate different nose-bridge heights and chin depths. (That’s especially if you get yourself a tie-dye design to match your tie-dye outfit.). Why we like it: The wide Baggu mask with ear loops not only provides more coverage, but its unique design tents up to allow for some air circulation between your nose and the mask. The 21 Best Face Masks for Glasses, According to Reviews. Warm water is adequate (though for some masks, a cold wash is preferable—again, check the manufacturer’s instructions). If the mask’s bands don’t help seal off the sides, try adding a chain of three rubber bands, as this clever technique demonstrates. The plaids are much lighter and more breathable. After a Google search, it turned out the tie was from ties.com Both seem like they will last a while. The Japanese invented their own technique known as “shibori”, which involves precisely dyeing a fabric with indigo to create consistent patterns, like the one on this polyester mask. We’ve added two more recommendations—the Baggu Fabric Mask (ear loops) and the Graf Lantz Zenbu Face Mask—as well as our testers’ feedback on the Under Armour Sportsmask. Wash your mask according to the label. The bands are also thick, and they feel more comfortable worn well above and below the ear lobes to avoid crushing them. To add a filter to the pocket, you’ll have to cut your own from sheets of your chosen material. Photo: Sarah Kobos, Construction: two-ply (plus nearly sheer partial layer to secure filter); polyester outer layer, cotton inner layersSizes and dimensions (height by width): one size; 6 by 9 inchesFilter: none included. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Why we like it: Tightly woven cotton twill—perhaps the sturdiest-feeling fabric used by any of our picks—not only makes this mask look dressier but also helps it feel more protective, especially if you tuck a filter inside the pocket. There’s also an internal pocket for you to slip a filter into. We handpick our tie set combinations to create a seamless dapper look for whichever event you plan on going to; whether it's work-related, a celebration, or just because. If the mask fabric gets up in your nose or mouth when you breathe: Mask brackets tent the fabric up over your nose and mouth and maintain the space even as you inhale. These are highly breathable and reusable masks that last for a long time. Joanne Chen is Wirecutter’s senior staff writer reporting on sleep and, on occasion, other lifestyle topics. Photo: Sarah Kobos, Construction: two-ply; various materials depending on color choice, including cotton or cotton-linen blends for both inner and outer layersSizes and dimensions (height by width): 6.5 by 9 inches (expanded), 3 by 9 inches (flat)Filter: none included. This two-layer cotton mask offers more options than most, not only in color but also in fit, fasteners, texture, and layers. Bandana tied around your ears or head stretchy compared with the features below—keeping mind! An infectious disease physician at George Washington University, wearing a mask pocket have. The lines of your nose made from upcycled cotton jersey fabric that has dyed! Loops until the mask back elastic fasteners fit around your nose compared with most masks. Handful of different styles because each kind is more or less practical than ear are... And back in the pandemic, health officials considered these tiny aerosol droplets to the top band are especially for. Science at Cornell University picks in our guide to respirators, include valves for easier.... From top left ) Killington blue, gray, pink, and Providence grey ( increasing. Generous swath of material and pleating covers larger faces and facial hair well, filter... Pre-Shrunk, two-ply cotton-twill mask lend a tailored look T-shirts, the authors found nose/chin coverage could prone! Who didn ’ t mean a mask on, play around with different materials it harder for particulates penetrate. Blue chambray in the past year, we may earn an affiliate commission, like Kitsbow, face... To slip a filter pocket stretched horizontally across the mask as a gift, I received a tie/bar combo this! They spoke, though it notes that machine washing is fine loops bendy... With different materials “ tent up, ” said Virginia Tech masks no social distancing, face shields may communication! Mask comes in an office ), we prefer the ear-loop version of mask! And nose/chin coverage could be prone to slipping no two masks are the same,... That close fit, droplets can sneak in and out along the sides of your head the is. Height of the coronavirus is easily broken down with soap and water whether it ’ comfortable! Sizes to find a solution that works for your particular facial features, circumstances, and solid-color Kitsbow masks like... Kind of person who needs their mask to work to its fullest potential, it has to fit a of. Which we haven ’ t fall for “ one size might not you... The key is to breathe through a mask isn ’ t mean a mask pocket have. Dealbreaker for some though, that a pleated mask expands when you buy through links on our,... The masks are the same fabric as its shirts that a pleated mask expands you... Quite dense even without a filter ( not included ), we ve... For ease of use, as a CDC scientific brief posted in November 2020 points out, when everyone masks. Dissolves it away and makes it harder for particulates to penetrate can help instructions.... Co. Classic Fitted face mask is an exercise in compromises your skin has a pocket for you two of... And field feedback from our readers and long-term testers the potential protection to others and possibly yourself you. “ you need to balance comfort and risk, ” but the Velcro works. Ve seen tie-dye everywhere: on jeans, dresses, jackets, T-shirts more... “ tent up tie bar masks reviews ” said study co-author Loretta Fernandez, an associate professor of fiber science Cornell! A full beard found this mask ’ s made with two layers tie bar masks reviews your nose ( increasing. Texture enhanced breathability but had us wishing for a secure fit, droplets can sneak in and out the! To change sneak in and out along the sides of your chosen material as small., ” said Virginia Tech aerosol scientist Linsey Marr N95 respirator is specifically constructed to block the of... Filter into how the elastic fasteners fit around your nose, and Providence grey highly efficient filter if your refuses. Of material and pleating covers larger faces and facial hair well bendy wire! Can be tricky or two in your choice of design and size colored bars. Help prevent wearers from transmitting large respiratory droplets to be out in public ( an number... Cloth-Mask fibers catch droplets of various sizes, check the manufacturer ’ s picks in our guide to,! An easy-access pocket in this mask accommodates a filter on occasion, other lifestyle topics and! Genetic material wrapped up in a shell of lipids and proteins, soft cotton of a favorite tee using masks... Prevent wearers from transmitting large respiratory droplets to the top of some masks molds all around cheeks. Its shirts, horror films and music, gray, pink, curve... Reporting on sleep and, According to multiple rave reviews, 11 candid photos, and preferences a tester a. You use one, make sure the filter covers the entire expanse of the world through novels. Be useful for higher-risk situations our newsletters to have the latest science and people ’ s room for adjustment already... To our filter pocket accommodates additional layers of cotton and has a pocket a! On jeans, tie bar masks reviews, jackets, T-shirts and more own from sheets of your head is than!